BlogWriter : New app which is based on API

BlogWriter App

Describe your app:

In this app user can publish articles on their blogger blog via help of APIs and the app so good and simple UI and too good app for everyone.

App Store/Download link:

BlogWriter.apk (4.6 MB)

AIA file wait of 50 likes.

You can check out your published article on Blog For Demo


How can you post on blogger ?
I think using Ifttt

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Please provide screen shots
How can post here ?
Sorry for my bad english

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@avmcreators02 When you have kept your blogger or wordpress api feeds app paid. How can you expect free from others.

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Right bro but If I got 25 likes on this topic then i will make it free


Help others you will be helped by someone

@vkpdeveloper I think BlogWriter app is awesome beacause it will save lot of time for blogger writers …

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I already tried many many attempt’s,
But I got error in posting method
I am also using IFTT Blogger event.

Now 25 likes completed
Please share tutorials.

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Please make tutorials
You got 25 likes

Is it a joke?

By the way getting 50 likes is not easy thing here, or impossible because we have only 3 topics which passed 50 likes.


Hi bro 25 likes completed
Please make tutorials

But one of them wanted, better forced the users to like, to get the extension.

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nice @vkpdeveloper

Please make tutorials

Dear Community, Sorry I was so busy but now I am here soon we will have the latest tutorial for this with AIA.

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