BlueTooh: Receive data from your earphones

I’m trying to control the Player I built myself via BlueTooth commands transmitted from the connected earphones.
I’ve checked and read several pages but haven’t found anything that takes me on the right path.
For example, if I use an app like VLC on my mobile phone, I can pause the song being played with a double tap on the right earphone; if I touch the left earphone for 2 seconds the player skips forward one song.
This means that VLC receives commands from the earphones.
Well, that’s what I would like to do.
I couldn’t do anything with the BlueTooth.Server, BlueTooth.Admin, BlueTooth.Client objects. I was only able to see the list of BlueTooth devices configured in my device.
I couldn’t even make the connection.
The earphones are already connected to the system and work.
How do I get data from my earphones?
Has anyone already tried something similar?