Bluetooth client work android 12 to up

How the bluetooth client work in android 12 upto higher?

Exactly the same as for lower Android versions
The only thing now which is different is to ask for permissions


But how???

Because the android 12 not working

You forgot to show us a screenshot of your relevant blocks…
And do not forget to ask for permissions as shiwn in the previous link



Check the permissions and use the correct ones, see also


how to counter this error because it is error in android 13

You forgot to tell us, which error you get

It does not make sense to try to get the list before all permissions have been granted including BLUETOOTH_SCAN


how to do that?

can you fix my code blocks idont how to work the bluetoothLE

The link I posted earlier shows some example blocks

Btw. earlier you have been asking for the bluetooth client component… are you sure what you are doing?


The bluetooth client only work android 11 but how bluetooth will work android 12 and 13 will works that

yes because bluetooth client work in android 11 but in android 12 and 13 not work

Dear @Mark_Berio and @Mark_Berio1
As already mentioned earlier, you first have to ask for the correct permissions as explained here