Bluetooth error 516

Hi all,
getting crazy on that error: I m currently building a turret for a little camera to directed using bluetooth and arduino.
I have already done some project with bluetooth and never got this problem … (some others, of course!!) but rather on HC-06 or HM-10.

Here I got a HC05 (so should be able to run as a HC-06). Basically it is working (I can move the turret) … during 2 secondes then I got this 516 error message. If I do not move the turret it looks like it can last more than 2sec before getting this error. Is that maybe related to a rate of information send to the arduino (nano)? or just a stupid error in my code?(most probably- I still a newbie).
thx for any advice that may help me to solve it!

Hi! I do not know much about Arduino, but you could yake a look at this question (from the MIT App Inventor community):

Hi Markus,
Thx for digging that for me! I cannot test it yet but sounds an interesting point (to look at the electronic side!). Will be back once I have the chance to test it. Indeed the HC-05 need 30-40mA when working …

ok, I tested with more power, but it doesn t help: same symptom: the bluetooth connection is set and looks working, i manage to move the turret in X and/or Y axis, but then it stops after 1 sec and got this 516 error message with the button image of the app frizzed.
I don t think it is coming from electronics side (I can control it easely with a joystick). it cannot be a clock setup or so in kodular?