Bluetooth ESC/POS command printing extension needed

I have been looking for ESC command extension. The one used for Printing via Bluetooth. I would like to make this extension for educational purposes. But unfortunately, I can only trace a PAID extension. I’ve been trying to reach out to the extension developer but there’s no response. Is there a better way I can acquire that extension? or contact the extension developer?

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This link will help you please. If resolved, mark it as a solution and set it as a discussion

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Well @FIKIR_KUMESI , this is not the solution. I have filled that form more times than I can count and there’s no response.

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Am quite sorry @Peter but I will have to tag someone.

Please @Daniel, I have written dozens of email trying to reach you but you do not respond. This is the second month now, still writing emails.

@Taifun is there a way to be assisted here.


1 - We assist in all cases where there is a solution. But have you asked yourself: but, if there is no any extension like this at the moment?

2 - It is not a good practice tagging someone just to get your answer fast. That’s why we are a community. Maybe there is another user who has the solution… or maybe not. But don’t do this again, please!!

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Well noted

Maybe you can try with this one:

You will find at the end of the post a link to the developer’s blog, in the blog is his email address.
Send him and email and check if his still arround so you can buy the extension.

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My last email to the extension developer was around 5 months ago. He didn’t reply to this day.

@Kleyber_Derick @FIKIR_KUMESI @mmnettime

The problem is the extension developer, when you fill in the form he doesnt respond. I have filled that form more than 10 times now.

The extension appears to be there and only available through the Developer.

How an we go around this?

Try this website. It has some resources related to your problem.


You don’t need extension for printing simple text in ESP/POS printer. Use Bluetooth Client component from Kodular. Very easy and simple, just call method send text.

If you want text formatting or barcode, etc. Read ESC/POS manual and find what is the command for that. Then use send byte methods in Bluetooth Client component to send the command.

For example (underline text)
send1ByteNumber 27,
send1ByteNumber 45,
send1ByteNumber 1,
sendText, “Helooo”

There are many demos in Youtube, for example:

ESC/POS Reference:

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