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BMI Calculator

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Simple BMI Calculator with clean and neat UI.

Can calculate BMI in 3 format :

  1. Weight in kg and height in Centimetres
  2. Weight in kg and height in meter
  3. Weight in pounds and height in inches

BMI Classification ( Reference Values)


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good work, (but when its a male and is in healthy state you are showing him a lady with great shape :laughing:)


That was a common image for healthy result…:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::sweat_smile::joy:

maybe Male ,personally if i talk about my self, i would like to see a 6 pack body builder and you are fit keep your exercise something like this there when i select male. and female likes that words great shape, :laughing:


Ok thanks for suggestion, I will do that…:heart_eyes::blush:

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