Bold label on dynamic components

I need to put a label created by a dynamic component in bold, how can I do it? I saw the only blocks that any component has available and nothing.

Use SetProperty block of dynamic components extension give it to the component and set the FontBold property to true

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upload font file in assets and set the path in block section
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How can I activate the option from metro icon to label?

Friend, when setting the width of the -2 label, it does not expand the label, it just remains as if there were no components created. What I can do?

Please show us your blocks

It may due the default left alignment of the label

Sorry, what I meant is that it does not expand the space component created by the dynamic component by setting it to “-2”, it just remains there without having any width.

Have you looked

show your block

show your block and it try solve your problem

You are asking questions that were already discussed in the community.

For example
Set label bold on dynamic component is discussed here :-

Set material Icon property :

And alignment :

All the discussion you have posted were already discussed in the community previously and many times.

So I suggest you search once before posting. :slight_smile:
Happy Koding.


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