Bottom navigation invisible without scrolling down

Good morning,

Bottom Navigation is hidden sometimes.

To reproduce this issue the screen should be set to scrollable and contain more content than it can be displayed on a phone. You need to scroll down to see navigation.

It should be visible and accessible at any time without scrolling.

Tested on Android 9 Pie


If I’m not mistaken it’s the new feature of Android 9 Pie which auto hides Navigationbar


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Maybe you have enabled the screen scrollable option… If yes then disable it and try again…

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I faced the same problem…you need to disable scrollable option in main screen menu and then use a scrollable vertical arrangement or scrollable horizontal arrangment if your data is exceeding the screen size. This should fix it


It does not seem so, because after opening the screen the navigation bar is immediately hidden due to the small screen size. As a feature I’d expect it to be hidden, as soon as I scroll down. (It behaves this was with navigation tabs on the top.) Anyway I’d prefer it to be visible and accessible at any time.

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