Bottom Navigation Support Like Tabs

Is it possible to see support for bottom navigation just like tabs?

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No, it should be made by yourself depending on your choice.

I don’t mean the navigation bar, the bottom tab-like view.

It can be done with ButtonAddon extension by @Andres_Cotes. You add the icon code and \nYourText.

Thanks @Alexandru, now waiting for Makeroid Developers to fix the lag on the blocks editor so I can start integrating this to my app.


Do you mean this?


Yes, that’s what I mean.

So, take a look on this example, made by @Mika (thank you @Mika).

fooMenu.aia (35,4 KB)

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Thanks for all the examples and the replies.

I want to ask something to the developers. Is it possible to see this on Makeroid like tabs?

I think its possible to add this, but I dont know how hard it is and when we have time for it

It would be useful. If it’s possible please add the option to choose this option while creating a new screen as I’ve mentioned in this discussion. Like Android Studio. The tabs option can also be integrated too.

It’s currently hard to find just from the blocks editor. New users are usually asking how to use tabs as there are no any information provided how to use the tabs feature.