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Hi. I made a simple app, but then all of a sudden, though l did nothing, two of the bottom navigation buttons are not seeable. They were seeable at first. they were 4 bottom navigation buttons and all of them were also colourful. Then, two of them are gone though they are clickable. Yes, they are not seeable but clickable. How can I solve it?, Thanks.

click on botto navigation and check if visible box is checked or not if unchecked then checked it

Help community to get help back. Post output screenshot and relevant blocks.

on the circle place, there are two buttons, but they are not seeable. lt was not like that before.

Show relevant blocks please.

ı solved the problem. thanks.

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You might want to say how have you solved your problem, so others who got the same problem can find a solution :wink:


For a few hours, some problems have occured with the website. Even the songs I uploaded became deactive as some icons faced. I solved it by renewing the icons. That solved it. Tn

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