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Hello all,
This is my second day in learning kodular.
I have created few simple apps and learnt lot.
Please note , i Googled, searched in forum but could not find matching content so posting here.

I am stuck at one issue, even though i used coloured icons for Bottom Navigator,it shows black and white icons.

Because Your PNG are Treated as SVGs and thus they are recolored according to the color that u chose

So what is solution?What are setting to make them appear colored?

We Cannot I guess. Search the Community for an Extension. Maybe you can find Something

If You have Time to experiment, try making you own, maybe it will be helpful. Post it as a guide of it works

Please show us your relevant blocks and output, so we may understand the issue, and will try to help you in right way.

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Here is block

Here is output

And below are icons i used


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Are there any option available to change color?
If not, so you may request to the extension developer to bring the feature.

Instead, Let him/her try and Create one on his/her own, maybe he comes up with something smart. Remember necessity is the mother of invention. Extensions are just spoon-feeding

Ok, I am novice, so not sure whether I shall develop an extension or not, but definitely I shall try more, try searching more and update here for solution, if I get any.

Meanwhile i will try making one on my own without any extension maybe I can help

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Please try. Many thanks in advance.

If you want to change the color of the icon use these parameters :

Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 20.54.51

You can’t use the exact icon you imported like this one :

This type of icon can be used as an illustration but not really as an icon.
I highly recommend you to use material icons that you can find for free here:

Or minimalists icons without details like this one : accueil that you can find for free here :

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