Browser utilities all with kodular

Sample Apps : Language Indonesian.

Name Apps: Jaya Browser , This is a All Things E-Tools Browser, Include Casual Browser , Tools But in Indonesian Language by default lang.

Aia is Paid, You can contact me on telegram
Telegram: Contact @SECRETDISCORDER 10$ with Paypal

This is functionality Apps in Comments shorts Videos

Add some Screenshots & Banners to Let People understand what it is. List down all Functionalities.

How do you do

your question i think is incomplete i did not understand you

I only greeting you

ohh i am fine thank you. what about you ?
Btw your app is good just brush up with the UI it will be all perfect

Fine, so i have extension that include other 20 extensions to make this. BimaAix last month post. I combine to my browser aia.

I m not an artistic. But i Will learn it someday. Thanks. If you want this. Contact me on telegram. Nice meet you