BrowsR --- The Ultimate Browser

What is the name of your app?


Describe your app:

A secure,innovative,productive browser(with custom search engine for additional security).


App Store/Download link:

BROWSER.apk (6.0 MB)

Before anyone asks why make a simple browser,it is a great opportunity to learn different components of kodular,such as chat view,api,dictionaries.

Please test the app and let me know the feedback,suggestions for new features,etc.

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Goodluck with your journey, it’s a great start.

Keep the UI consistent, don’t overuse anything, don’t use everything
( Menu items should be texts, too many texts would ruin user experience, using all the elements such as switches, checkboxes, radiobuttons at the same time )

But, I’d like to mention a few things.
Colors play an important role, everywhere. and so do styling.

The next time you choose colors ( background and foreground ), use a contrast checking tool like

If you’re not confident enough in creating your own color palette, you could use a ui color generator like

And here are some other things that i’d like to add to it

  • Dribble - for UI inspiration
  • Coolors - palette generation
  • Material Icons ( or Bootstrap icons ) - free icons ( pictures convey more than words, if used properly )
  • Google fonts ( can even use them in ur commercial projects )
  • UnDraw illustrations - for Illustrations

Keep koding!


Thanks for the advice.
Actually in the screenshot,the colour looks too bright,but when installed,it looks good.Still i will use the contrast tool. :grinning: