BUG AIRTABLE: Spreadsheet component don't send data to the platform

Hey, guys! Is everything fine? I hope so.

I developed an app a month ago that sends data to airtable. It always works pretty well! But two weeks ago it stops creating new rows on the platform.
The app still read the tables and pick data from them but don’t send.

I don’t know if this appears because of the problem that Kodular are going through… Anyone else has the same issue?!


Android Version: Develop with Android 4.4 - 4.4.4 (API 19)

Thanks in advance.

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Okay great…

Your storage plan ran out…
Perhaps you are trying to write unsupported characters…

Please provide what are you trying to post to spreadsheet… I’ll give a try

I need to send the number (cellphone) and the name of a contact. Only this! I try to use another platform (integromat) and my table received with no problem ):
About my storage plan … it has only 3 lines! rs

And, as I said, use to works perfectly! For two weeks I don’t have any problems :confused:

You didn’t answer these remarks.

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I solved the problem now. I analyze the table search about the “write unsupported characters” and create another table at AIrtable with the column numero instead of Número. For some reason, it’s possible to get information of the table with this title but not create a row… the accent change everything. Well, thanks.

Thanks a [email protected]!!


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