Bug Error on creating / copying screen

I am trying to copy one of my screen / create new screen.

its showing me as screen created when i check available screens. but when i select that screen its showing bug internal error occurred… trying since last 90+ min

After two hours of the problem when I open the project it showing as unable to find the component "screenName"and in addition to that suffix er is there…

Does anyone facing the same issue?

How can I rid of this?

No as I rarely do that…

How to remove corrupted screen

After that also it’s not allowing to copy screen.

Do not know.

NOTE: If you really need to create a identical screen then it’s bad design, learn to reuse your components.

Ok. But how can I rid out of that. It’s not allowing to add screen also.

Apology for image as I can’t take png.

In this we can see screen is getting created when copy. But giving error while switching the screen.

Secondly when I am trying to add screen it’s simply giving alert message as bug…