Bug FTP Makeroid


Working Directory

You can set the folder you want in it, but it does not work anyway the images always go only to HOST ROOT.

I’m already getting discouraged with Makeroid, FTP, Web View also does not work the click event on it.

And the worst is that nobody answers the topics.

another unanswered BUG so far!

Are you sure you’ve provided enough information before you judge them?

Every day the users creates topics, it may not be easy to answer them all.

It was also only passed a week when you created the other topic. In addition, Pavitra answered your other topic.

Yes I’m sure yes and Pavitra’s response was not enough to solve the problem.

We use Makeroid because we are programmers, do you have any idea what a week late it is in an application because of an unsolvable problem?

If the problem is so important, you can buy support from the developers.

Forcing users to respond your question only makes you a bad person. Just wait.

Everyone may not know everything, including the Makeroid team. Therefore, you may not find solutions to your questions sometimes.

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Please talk english here so other people will understand you and can help you. The developer said this in the past also.

ok understood