Bug "Get tag list" firebase block is not work

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i want to get a list of tags, and count them, in Kodular it doesn’t work at all, but in thunkable it works.

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this is the block that I configured on Thunkable

And this is the block that I configured on Kodular

both are the same,but in Kodular it doesn’t work.

Android version

Android 9 Pie

try to put tag value on the list first instead using value directly… second, make sure you are not testing to an empty firebase taglist or check firebase api keys for the last time.

I tried it, but it doesn’t work

Did you set bucket

yes, i set it

why didn’t i get a solution?

Check what values you are getting directly without length of list block

Sorry but it’s working fine…

can you show the correct block?

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I did it, but I didn’t get any value.

Help me please !!!

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Then check configuration of firebase post image of database

Here are the blocks…


thank you for helping me, but it still doesn’t work, I’m sure this is a bug.

Na wait… One solution is there… Do that it will work…

Just trigger one procedure between that blocks… Then it will work just see my block… before asking for length of list i triggered a block… For each item…

I found a problem, it turns out “get tag list” can not get a value in the form of numbers, only letters can.
now i’m confused to make tags in the form of letter id which are automatically created by the user.

Thanks you very much


This is happening with me as well. If all tags are numbers then Get Tag List doesn’t work but if there’s a single tag which is not a number than it works perfectly fine. Why? Does anyone know?

Or a solution for this?


I am trying to get all firebase tag list and value as you shown, like this;

But not getting any result.

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i am also facing this issue
i used firebase after two months …it was fine before but today its causing the same behaviour
Get Tag list block is not working fine…
was it solved or untouched?
i am working on a guide …if its working fine on anyone’s side then please PM me

But you want all the values in just one label?

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@Alapjeet i think its not the issue because he is just testing…actually when get tag list event is returning no values

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