Bug in 1.4B.0 in performance mode: else part of if/else block does not show

Hey friends i have found bugs:

(only when performance mode is on)

  1. if try to use “else” event in “if” block else does not show

But, when you pull out “if” block it show else block.

Thank you.

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There is a reason, you can’t compile an app if the sockets are empty. Click the error icon and it’ll show the error reason.

I think this is a bug with performance mode, does it happen if you disable it?


No only when performance mode is on and i have re-edit the report.

I can confirm this issue, same happens to me.


It used to show a warning, now it shows an error.

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App Inventor does the same. Property blocks must be filled anymore, because (as far I know) setting the property to null for non-nullable properties causes an error (runtime or/and during compile), so it is better to show a red error icon instead of warning. However, methods can still have empty sockets.