Bug In Kodular save system

Hi I’m currently working on the firebase project yesterday I made big changes in the node graph it will take nearly 3 hr. I saved the changes and leave the page open for nearly 1:30 hr in between I frequently save the project nearly 15 times without any changes in the graph because the day before yesterday I made a change and save the project and closed the modular due to some personal work when I return and open the project it doesn’t get updated. So I leave the page open. I don’t want my time to get wasted due to some saving bug in Kodular Even then the changes are not get updated. 3+5 hr of my hard work is disappeared. what can I do even when I save the project it shows me the popup message project saved. But? Whare is my work?. How can I get my Work back? is there is any fault in my side?
what should I do now???

Without giving more info it is hard to tell where the fault is. Did you have more instances of Kodular open?

I hope you made frequent backups if your work is that important.

What is a node graph? I changed your category since it is not yet clear this is a Kodular problem.

It’s not node graph its node or graph because I don’t know how you can the blocks. But now not.

I can’t able to save the changes in the kodular why.

It shows me that the project is saved when I click save project but it doesn’t get saved what happend

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May I ask if you have many,

  • labels
  • text boxes
  • text block strings

If you have many, how much text/characters do they contain.

  1. below 100.000
  2. below 500.000
  3. over 1.000.000

Are these text/characters foreign

  • Yes
  • No