Bug in sound recording

There is bug in sound recording. error 802 cannot statrt recording kodular/mysound.3gp:open failed:ENOET(No such file or directory)

World best bug topic ever


It is not working. if we create a directory in sdcard.when 2nd sound is recorded it is replaces the old one
then i tried count
it works changes the names of recordings ,when we close app and start again it again replaces the old ones

kindly show me some blocks that can help

I got Recently this issue

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  1. There is already a topic with a guide.
  2. You should show what you have done. Not me
  3. Until you did not change the recording name its normal that it overrides the old file…

Earlier same blocks were working perfectly changing the names of recordings automatically.(saving those in emulated/0/mydocuments)
Just three days ago, i upgraded a version of app .i got the issue :frowning:

How to use the Sound Recorder