Bug in Spinner Component

I taken a spinner in my application. When screen initialize its selected on 1st no. Some times its selected on 1st no. but not visible. Its visible like a dropdown arrow only. Please see picture.

Expected Behaviour:
When I Select item. I want its visible with item text.

Actual Behaviour:
Some times selected item not visible.
Please note: Its not happening when item is selected on 1st no.


Android version 6.0

It happens to me too, but I don’t pay attention to it because, if nothing is selected then they’ll be curious and select it themself.

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We have a block for that problem since always.

This means if “Use prompt” is set to true you can not select the first spinner item but it gives the user a hint.
Call the first item as example “Select…”

Little example:
spinnerExample.apk (4,1 MB)

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