Bug In The Creator

I found this new bug in the creator with Chrome Browser (91.0.4472.120)

@Vishwas Give Some Time To Solve This Design Bug.

I have never encountered such a bug. Moreover, I use Kodular Puffin browser on my mobile

Read topic carefully, I already decribed the bug in Chrome Browser.


Were you trying to zoom into your blocks?

Was the top bar that popped up interactive (i.e., could you click on its buttons)?


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When i clicked on blocks from designer, and when i try do something to my block it do the glicth like this and when i tried to move any block on the canvas it also glitches and when i click on to take new piece of component it glitches.

@Vishwas 1.5.1 Hotfix came But this bug won’t got solved.

And this bug is persist with new white screen bug

And the cuts of screen bug only visible in blocks area and all of the bugs are in blocks area, Designer are working great.