Bug in the Spinner Component

Spinner dont respond for the first selected item…
for example
in order to make the following blocks i need to add an empty item using comma.
this property doesn’t work. Even the Button setText methord didn’t work.
i changed to it . it worked.

Overall all the After Selecting event is raised when the item having index greater than 1 is selected.

hope this will be fixed.

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What do you want to try?
Do you want that the first item is not clickable?

No. I am not talking of click event.

I was just saying, when i select the first item of the spinner,
Nothing happens .

It show raise " when spinner1. after selecting ", but it doesn’t.


The blocks doesn’t work under" when spinner1. After selecting"

The blocks works when second, third, fourth … Nth item is selected.

I don’t understand why you do this:


If you do it like this your first item will not response “About”. You will get as result “” a empty text

i did that because i don’t want to show about twice.
using a comma create an empty item having index 1 (which is ofcourse of no use).
but doing this made ‘about’ at second index and the “if” block worked for “about”.

ok i think i am confusing little bit.
try this …
with these properties.

and select test 1
noting will happen.

i think the event shoud be named as “After spinner1. selection changed”
as it respond to changed selection.

I test it when I’m at home. I’m current in school.

Yeah sure.
thanks for your attention.

yes, selecting the first item of a spinner does not fire the AfterSelecting event
therefore you should use a text like this “Please select a line” as first item, see also this example https://groups.google.com/d/msg/mitappinventortest/sYtrmS0SNtI/1Qe5ncJEQvsJ



This is too a solution:

If “use promt” is set to true then the first item will be your “prompt text”… the text you see first before you clicked on a item.


Thank you brothers.
@Mika @Taifun
For the solutions.

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It will be good if selecting the first item fires After selecting event.
If possible please merge that fix in the source codes.

I have the same problems. I have a spinner with the first element called “Settings” to go to a settings screen when it is selected. The spinner does not respond to a click on this first element. But it gets fired when the screen initializes. I had to disable it to prevent the app from opening in screen 1 and going straight to the settings screen. Can anybody confirm this and could this be the same problem?

what happens, if you try the example project

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Thanks @Taifun I’ll try that. Nevertheless it looks awful and not very native

How can i use this solution if i set elements from variable list

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