Bug: Notifier light mode won't work with dialog

I just wanted to let you know that even if the light mode is enabled dialogue will show up dark.
With dialogue I mean the one that has two options one question and one cancel button.

I will provide a screenshot below for you to see what’s happening.
I’m currently not able to send you the blocks properties and the design because I’m not at home right now but I can provide you a screenshot from my phone for you to see what’s happening.

Please show the blocks editor screenshot when you are at home.
Do you use the “show choose dialog” or the custom choose dialog?!

Iam sure that you use the default “show choose dialog”.
The light theme works only with the new “custom choose dialog”.




OK, so I found the issue.

But this is some kind of bug. Can you add light mode to the show choose dialog?

Hello @TurboProgramming

Show Choose Dialog is a method carried on from the original AI distribution. We decided to keep the older methods to preserve backwards compatibility.

As was the case when I released my Dialogs extension, users had to manually replace every old block with the updated one for every release. We didn’t want the same to happen here, hence the blocks exist.

You can use the "Custom Dialog" methods for more functionality.