Bug of Import Extension window in Creator

Describe your issue

There are some bugs in Import Extension Window(popup) that opens when we click the Import extension option. The same are listed below

  1. Inspite of having Dark theme in the creator the import extension window remain white(light theme)

  2. The cross mark to close the window doesn’t appear until we hover the mouse pointer over its probable place or we try to select it with the mouse pointer

  3. The text color in the URL text box is white. So we cannot see what we are typing in it until we try select the text

Steps to reproduce the issue

Make sure your creator has dark theme and then try to open the Import extension window by clicking Extensions(from Palette) --> Import Extension

I am leaving a video below showing all the bugs listed above

Expected Behaviour

  1. The mentioned window theme should be same as that of creator
  2. The close button should appear properly
  3. The URL text should be visible

Actual Behaviour

1.Extension window theme not proper. Also close button and URL text not visible unless selected

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