Bug on opening screen 2

This app crashes on opening. Please help to solve
muzixAudioPlayer(1).aia (414.0 KB)
(File owner : Dev Cafe)
(I have posted this after asking to devcafe)
Please help to solve

MinSDk was set it as 24… so better change it and try

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Min SDK set at 24 won’t cause crash

Try this one

muzixAudioPlr_2.aia (416.1 KB)

I will look after it

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I installed as apk and works fine

I Set it minSDK as 19 and compiled into apk, see now I am listening

and let me know what you changed because something was wrong in file you give me.
in that custom bar is not working please say what you have changed
tags removed by Mod

please say @dora_paz

Updated puravida’s extensions to latest versions

only that?
which extension of taifun?
how to update?
as i knowto update delete extension and download new but i will loose my blocks right?

Both of them

isn’t it? any other way

Hello Havish, just download latest and upload, automatically extension will update themself. No need to change the blocks

If it not work, just add the blocks into backpack, delete extension, then paste from backpack. simple work

i did not get it please make it here
muzixAudioPlayer(1).aia (414.0 KB)

muzixAudioPlayer_3.aia (416.1 KB)


Did you try this method?

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