Bug on WriteExternalStorage Permission - Not Working

Try this one:
declareReadWritePermissions2.apk (5.2 MB)


Yes, there is another bug with the File component (the same as with AI2).
I’ve pointed out this bug countless times! :upside_down_face:

Now I try to download an image into my Android 12 phone. But It’s not work, I try with another download extension also not work. Image not download the error occur 908.
Here is my blocks:

associated with


I tried this simple code block. Uploading: Take_picture.png…


the result : Error 201 The Cammera did not return an image

Use my extension (Download to ASD), download the image to the ASD and move it then to the Shared folder using the TaifunFile extension. Both don’t need any storage permissions on Android 11+.

works for me, thanks

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@bodymindpower sorry to mention you i have a download the storage permission effects the apps that download some files to users download foler beacouse some of the apps still working…its just my doubt can you please clear it?

as always, an update with errors … everyone writes about errors

:question: Unclear.

My app is about to download some files to user device is this effect the app??

Unclear. Show your blocks.

hi @bodymindpower your GET ASD extension still works normally after version 1.5.5?

How about trying it out?

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where i can find DeclareReadWrite component??

hi @bodymindpower, when i use the DeclareReadWrite1 extension i need to edit the manifest too?

most probably not…
please read the documentation Error 908: The permission WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE / bug - Extensions - MIT App Inventor Community test on your devices and let us know what you find out

PS: Anke is in deep meditation and will most probably not answer your question anymore here in this community…


But still we need to use this extension even @Kodular recently fixed permission issue ?

May be she is unhappy with the kodular co-founder and i know the reason why.

Hey Dear Kodular and Koders.
Please solve error 908
My project is useless because of this error.
My Premium Plan is also expiring with no advantage to me.

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Thanks Taifun for ur answer