Bug: Radio Buttons are not working

I just noticed that the radio buttons are not working.
The entered label would not show up and I can’t group them, they are all working separately.
Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

Please show your blocks and too your apk here.

OK, so the problem for can’t group them has been solved.

Actually, it still needs an option to group them, but I did solve the problem like this:

But the text won’t show up when you write it. I set it to bold, black. Even if I set it to not bold normal it would be the same. The color, I tried to change: nothing. It probably has a bug like the switch component. You can try yourself, enter a label and check on it, nothing will appear. But the text is actually there, when you press a little bit far away than the Radio button, it will check it. Like I mean, the text exists, but the color is white.

Just controlled it, and I just discovered the bug.

The black color won’t work, dark gray and others do work.

Only the black one won’t work.

Can you send a apk?
I only can make first tomorrow tests by myself on it.

OK, so here is my latest drawing apps’ APK.

To find those Radio Buttons, you should go to settings > then scroll to the bottom to find languages. In languages, you will find the radio buttons.

  • How can I gorup those Radio Buttons?
  • When you confirm that this is a bug, please let me know from this post.

Splash (1).apk (3.7 MB)

This is not a bug, developers just didn’t know that there is a thing called RadioGroup, which extends LinearLayout. You have to create a RadioGroup layout component, to use radio buttons.

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Since when do you know if we know something or not? So please dont talk wrong things.

And for you… Radio buttons dont need a radio group layout that they can work.

@Ben’s actually right.

For radio buttons to work, they need to group. Please you can also make a research to confirm this. Because I’m %100 percent sure.

No. :smiley:
The current bug from the radio button has nothing to do with it.
Btw. I found the issue and I have fixed it for me.

And to make a group with radio buttons should not be a problem for the users.
We have all blocks to do it.

You guys want group the buttons? Then do it like this^^


This line quotes, that you didn’t add a radio group, plus even Android developers docs say that:
Radio group has a lot of to do with that…

@Mika and your way is a workaround, not an actual way. Please check my reply to you on App Inventor open source dev platform, to learn on how to add custom visible layouts…

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