Bug regarding the block Replace List Item with TinyDB.Get Value

I checked out Kodular Fenix (v1.5.0) Bug Tracker before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

Hi, I’m making a Soundboard App with multiple presets, and am allowing the user to edit each preset’s name by simply clicking on the text label, which activates a text input box, in which the user can type the name they want. Their response is set to the label’s text. Since lists/variables reset when the app is refreshed, using tiny_DB will help to save the user’s inputted data.

Actual Behaviour

In the blocks given below, I have initialized Tiny_DB1 to be cleared, then store a list of 4 names. The PresetName Label.text is set to a different tag, which is clarified in the next few photos. After the user inputs a valid preset name, the notifier returns the response. The label displays the nth item of the list.
Here’s where the problem is occurring for me: Though Tiny_DB1 with tag PresetNameList is a list, global PresetNumber is a number (it’s the number of the preset e.g. 1, 2, 3, or 4), and the response is a string, no replacement is happening. The list of names stays the same. When the procedure ChangePresetName is called, the procedure works fine, making PresetName Label.Text change to the ‘PresetNumber’ item of the list. But for some reason, the response is not replacing the original name in the Tiny_DB1 list.

Expected Behaviour

When the user inputs a name, it should be displayed on a text label and saved for when they reopen the app. The inputted name will replace the old preset name in the Tiny_DB list. The label displays the replaced item in the list.

Show your Blocks

Below are my blocks. To reproduce this, make a variable global PresetNumber which changes by 1 on the click of a button and a Label that contains text. Here are my blocks (Please ignore the extra set global PresetReplacement block. It is irrelevant and has no use):

Help Needed:

Please let me know whether this is a bug, or if I’m doing something wrong.
Thank You,

Android version

The android version I’m running the companion on is Android 11.

Never mind, I was over complicating it.
I figured it out now.

No way… The problem is when screen init you have cleared the tag so it happened no change…

I have used the same methodology only in my calendar app and works good

Also you have not taken any index number to replace

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