Bug Reported by - AL-Khalil Developers : Error message pop up after very next importing an extension


(Khalil Ahmed) #1

Describe your issue

There is no big problem, but whenever I import an extension an error message pop up and after importing the first-time extension is not displaying in my app extensions box, it seems to be that extension is not imported.
but when I refresh the web page my imported extension start displaying in my extension box.

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And the error message is? Is it always the same extension?

(Yusuf Cihan) #3

Why you added your name to title? Is it a bug advertisement?

(Khalil Ahmed) #4

:rofl:…do have any problem with this . tell me i will remove it:joy::rofl:

(Philipp Lang) #5

this is for me also, if i import a extension i get a error. than i have to load the whole page again, and mostly the loaded extension is there.