Bug? State Progress Bar

Hi, unfortunately I have a problem with the “State Progress Bar”-Component.
(shortform: State Progress Bar = SPB)

I created a SPB with: Max State Number = 1

The add-Button increases the Max State Number by 1 everytime, if you click on the add-Button. And the result looks like this:

After clicking the button, it looks like, that the SPB is “too big” for the Screen. But I have no idea, how to fix this problem.

I tried the following things with the SPB:

  • set Width to “Automatic”
  • set Width to “Fill parent”
  • set Width to “50%” (or another number)
  • set Width to “200px” (or another number)

In general the last two points have this result:

  • I tried to put the SPB into an Arrangement, but the result was the same.
  • and many things more…

Now, I worked more than four hours on it and have no ideas anymore how to fix it.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Android-Version: 6.0.1

Welcome, @MrX

I changed you category to discus for the moment until we can confirm that it is a real bug.


Can you show your blocks also…

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Sorry for this late answer. In the meanwhile I found a solution how to work around this problem. Adding new States is with this solution not possible anymore, but it’s okay for my purpose.

Have a nice day!

Well, can you share it with us? It’s always good to share each other knowledge.


I set the “Max State Number” from the beginning on to “5”, with no “add”-function of new states. Other things doesn’t work correctly. Maybe I will find another solution, but at first this is okay for me.

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