(Bugs) Image loading delayed in kodular new release

In my case no ads, and Internet is on.
If I shut off internet completely than images NEVER load beyond the sing in screen (screen1).

In my case, the app needs to be connected to internet, and the images takes time to load. There is no ads in my app. Hope to get the fix available soon.

The current beta server is offline again?

See my post in this thread:

So as I see it, it’s not a bug, it’s a server issue. Quite clearly.

As I said, my test app does not require any internet functionality.

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Ok, hoping to get the problem fixed soon

If you would have read other related topics you would have known that the problem is already fixed and on the betaserver.

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when do u release it on offical server?

i have been also ,suffering from same problem ,i.e delay in image load in img component ,so what i have done i have tested with the vertical arrangement ,then i find it loads img very fast ,so use arrangement and arrange img size properly,thankyou

No timeline yet, but we’ll let you know when the fix is made public


Thanks! It’s great that a solution was found, but what is important to us is that it be available to all of us as soon as possible as it’s a pretty ugly bug and makes user experience real bad.

It was mentioned that it would be available in the next release. Releases are every few months…

Don’t really know the logistics and issues you guys face by rolling out a release right after an other (last weeks). But if it’s gonna be months we should change all our images to arrangement till then. Not ideal though.

I have a trick to short out this problem. Use any horizontal or vertical component and set the image. Instead of image component.

Did you see my post (option 1.):

To work around this issue (bug) (until there is a fix), you have 2 options :

  1. Place the image(s) in an arrangement as a background image
  2. disconnect WiFi (using Taifun’s WiFi extension: App Inventor Extensions: WiFi | Pura Vida Apps)

I haven’t see but thank you. I don’t know second option.

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I had the same problem starting few days ago until today when I cleared the cache of Google Play Services and Google Play Store.
I don’t know why, but after that I can instantly load images from my device and in less than two seconds from Firebase Storage.

Settings -> App info -> All apps -> Google Play Services -> Storage -> Clear cache


use horizontal component then set the image.

Unfortunately the day after the problem appeared again.
A small app to show local images take very long to show the first image. After the first image is showed it works normally, that is it loads another local image very fast.
The same happens using images from Firebase Storage.
But while I could understand the problem with Firebase Storage doing some in-house work the first time a user asks to download a file, I do not understand why it happens with a local app showing a local image.

Topic is closed since the bug is fixed for next release and we already have a topic.