Bugs in New Released 1.3

Hi, a am not able to test any app since kodular 1.3 released.
When i input code on Companion and press connect button there is nothing happens on my Emulator
Please Help me with any solution.

When i put Amazon_Banner ad component on my screen then my Companion crashed when i test it on my mobile device.

cant say about emulator, try on mobile device

I also try on mobile device but it work with mobile data not with Network.
It consume very high data.
I request to enable old feature that work with network connection.

new companion work on both, network as well as mobile data

Sir, it not work on Network.
Here is my problem.


Old version was work without any problems
Please tell me what i do.

Hi guys;

  1. The plugin is already in conflict with a plug-in I use. So I can’t open my application since the last update. The reason is to edit the FirebaseAuthentiocition. If this extension exists, the application is truncated by one.
  2. The Api Key section is missing when I want to use the codec extension. Please help. Have a nice day

I cannot say anything about emulator, while you are using emulator it take a lot of your resources as well as consume large amount of data so it is recommended that you must use a android device for companion