Bugs (or is it) on copying component

I’m not sure if it is a bug, but when I copy and paste a card view with a text box inside, it pastes continuously, repeats and repeats again. Until I press reload, it stopped.


WOW that looks pretty amazing to me :laughing:


Could you screen record showing the bug from the point where it activates to the point where it stops (in your case refreshing the page). Also, what browser are you using?

I don’t want to reproduce this lol

Chrome :slight_smile:

Make another AIA and see if the issue also happens.

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ok, wait a moment

You shouldn’t paste a component inside itself. Doing so will result in an endless loop, which is what you’ve screenshotted above


Oh…Maybe I pressed the wrong thing. I was about to paste below, but instead, I press inside


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