Bugs? or it is Kodular's weak point? Duplicated aia file got loading problems

I export one off my project via file (size around 1MB++ ) and save it with a new name. And then I import the new file name aia file into my project. And I try to open the imported air project. It takes Kodular forever to load that small via file… Why this is happening ? Because Kodular doesn’t support same project/aia file with different name? I really don’t know what to do to clear this problem.

Why I make duplicated via file? Because I want to make it a real project and then submit it to Play store and keep the original aia file clean and steady. T.I.A.

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You mean 1 mb ++ is small :thinking:

No , It supports.
Maybe you did something wrong while renaming it.
Also there is no need to rename aia as it does effects your app’s name in any-way.

There is a bug since latest release, some exported projects doesn’t contain screens in the aia and this is probably your issue


Thanks @Boban. Now I only realise this is a bug and not my fault. This problem really got me headache long time ago. I hope the latest version will clear this bug very soon.Thanks.

And @vknow360. I think 1MB++ is a very small app. Kodular can handle up to 20MB if I’m not wrong.

You seem to confuse aia with apk. 1MB for an aia file is very big. Kodular supports up to 20 MB for an APK and for sure not for an aia. This would let your PC explode.

I have 26MB aia file

Wow, my biggest aia is around 1.5Mb , but it contains a small video about, 800kb.

If aia file is 26mb then the apk would be 1gb???

What makes you think so since apk limit is 32MB

Same problem facing.