Build a messaging app

Hi everyone, today I have the following question: is it possible to build a messaging app like WhatsApp, in which you can send text, images, videos, audio, etc., and make groups?
And if yes, how can I do it?

Thank you!


You’d typically be using Firebase Realtime Database with a ChatView. The specifics (and even the backend you use) are ultimately up to you.

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We see this kind of questions once in a while. It will be a big undertaking to make it work like you want and it will cost you a lot of money on running the servers.

The below one came just a few days ago on the App Inventor community. I think the answer from Steve gives a lot of info.


This application is done without using any paid server.
You can see the last connection of another user, add or remove users from your contact list, send push notification in the background.
Today I work in a new, more complex chat that has not finished yet. When I finish it I will publish it here since I am doing it with Kodular.


Thanks for your answers!

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