Build failed due to issue from blocks

Been trying to build this app for the past 3days, but build always fails, I think the problem is from the blocks- If all blocks are disabled, app will build. Hope this will be fixed in the latter release.

What will be fixed?

We (at least I) have no idea what is causing your problem. All the necessary details are missing. Move your post to a new topic.

This is only about bugs after the 1.5.5 Kodular update.

Thanks @bodymindpower having identified that the issue is from the block section i have been able to solve the build failed problem :relieved:.

Already plenty of topics are solved regarding YAIL problem. Multiple reasons are there but recently it cause due to

  1. Missing theme
  2. Project within project

Check project setting>theme
If it is not in default set it as default and compile.

If it is already in default then search answer for second one in community

Open the AIA with 7zip and check within asset folder, Is there any other external_comp… if exist del it and recompile

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This causes AAPT error but in this case is DX error most probably due to numbers of blocks. Upload project to and post a screenshot of summary