Build failed! error writing to server

As I mentioned in the title, I bought a new premium account, but I cannot create an apk or aab in any way, please help

What error do you get while trying to compile your app ?

build failed error writing to server

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Try after Few Hours

I’ve been having this problem since yesterday

What happened that I didn’t receive any notification in the community?

Strange! For me it has been offline since yesterday. Did the team ban my IP?

I can’t believe it, still problems building the APK, what’s happening, are you preparing a nice Christmas present for us…?


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hoping for new developments for the better

it is around 4 days , and still busy , why it is so long downs ?

still the same when will it be fixed

I purchased Premium but I can’t use it, please solve this problem

Is it intentional that the server shuts down in the evening hours, Türkiye time? :smile: