Build server error

when will build server work? Any idea

it is currently online . no issues today

Online, but let’s clarify that with a long delay in BAKING YOUR PROJECT 40%

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9 minutes wait then its will be 100%, please wait only

same problem


Hello i have the same probleme. some time they show Build server error; and some other time it take so long time stoping on 40 percent

When the server will be avaible for compilation? i have a premium account but i cant build an app

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same problem for me

What a great application creator these codes were, admob and all, they were all working great. Nowadays they are nothing more than garbage, either restore them or lose the user, I feel sorry for the $3.50 I paid them.

I’m having the same problem.

I am also a premium user, of course. But I am very aware that the price I pay for what kodular offers me is ridiculous. I would never argue that I have made a mistake paying a symbolic price like the one I paid.

Kodular users, we want Kodular to continue being our development IDE, it is much more complete than App inventor, yes… I know they are collaborating with them, but until everything is also in App inventor it will take time, and we hope that kodular works well and continues to develop as before, even if it means paying a little more.

Greetings to the entire development and support team and thanks for Kodular.

I have a sneaky feeling the Kodular team have no intention of rectifying the problem. Time to start learning Android Studio i think

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Just wandering…can anybody out there compile at the moment?

If you use app inventory and kodular at the same time to create the apk application it works.
Why I don’t know… the mysteries of IT

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