Build server not building the entire apk

Hi All

Ive been trying to build the apk for a week now but the apk is never full size and when I run the apk it just shuts down.

Any ideas as to what might be causing this?



A couple of hours ago, I post something similar:

It never happened before. This weird behaviour has been taking me a LOT of time trying to discover where the error in the project was! And there was any. The problem is at the compiler side.
And it’s absolutely random.

@Tony_Lange Most likely it is due to an outdated extension.

Obviously, I cant rule that out but how does one identify an out of date extension and if one does, what does one do about it? Thanks

i have the outdated extension causing install failed and because i use third party apk installer(i use iwansetting apk installer) that give percise error i know to update it but after that i realized other extension is also outdated so i just redownloaded all manually

you should get an error during build

the extension author needs to rebuild the extension

but this actually means you had success in building it… use logcat to find out what is going on


Hi Taifun

Regarding the incomplete downloads

If the downloads are not full size (10.5meg full size) but only getting 8 or sometimes 9meg, how will logcat find an error for code that obviously wasnt produced?


Just wait for an answer from Kodular then
This might take some time. .


Is there anyone in attendance at Kodular these days

Since last month when compiling my app, the file that downloads as an app is small and does not open the app. I tried several things to reduce the weight of the images, but I don’t know what to do. Can someone guide me or definitively kodular doesn’t work?

Most likely one of the extensions is causing the problem.

I believe that’s not it. I deleted all my extensions and the problem continues. Maybe it’s the number of blocks per page.

Without a block’s or more information everything will be assumptions

I moved your thread into another thread which seems to be the same issue…

How many Screens and blocks do you have?
And how many assets?


Hello. My application has 7 screens. The screen with the fewest blocks has 1,802 blocks. And the screen with the most blocks has 12,784 blocks. What do you think?

Wait for the update…
See also


Have you ever experience this?

One same project with two possible compilation results: one runs, the other crashes with a generic and useless popup window reporting the app caused too many errors.

I’ve saved both apk files and I’ve taken a look inside apk cabinet:

The left one is the apk that works. Notice original size difference of class.dex and class2.dex between results. There are other files with different sizes.

Both results happen randomly. In certain period, only defective apk is generated; in others, functional apk is delivered.

I’ve been spending tens of work hours to find the supposed error in the project (that reports zero warning and zero error) till I finally realised that compilation is indeed where the random error is.

Any clue?

For the last weeks, since Kodular build server became unstable, I’ve been forced to command compilations after compilation until I get a functional APK file. The same source file, with no error or warning, results in a defective APK most of times and, randomly, a working APK file is generated. A unbearable waste of time!

Does anyone know if there is a way to solve it?


Ive attempted enough APK compiles to be able to say with a fair degree of certainty that the problems with half compiled apks that dont run IS NOT THE APP

There are times when it works 100% and others when it doesn’t work at all

That is NOT an app fault. If it was the apk wouldnt compile AT ALL.




Hi, Tony, it’s not app fault, since there are times when the same project, with no modification between compilations, results a functional APK: Notice: I mean a project with nor error or warning and that goes through compilation process successfully. Something happens to the build server the sometimes it generates a working APK, others not. Even a defective APK is downloaded and installed with no error, but it doesn’t run.

In addition to the huge waste of time till I am lucky to have my project compiled.

So, there are two causes that take too much time to have a successfully compiled project: a most of time unavailable build server and a majority of compilations that results bad!

Too much time wasted!

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