Builder problem help

Srry i am german thats why my english is not so good.
i must really say i am switched to kodular because the higher api level and like it here.
i create my app before with thunkable classic and like the same interface here.
then i imported the keystore and the aia here and i doesnt can export my app to an apk from her because an build error fail in the aapt stage not becuase of an error in my program

i doesn t have any warnings, have no same named assets, it is not a earning app, it works great in the live test, switched the ad mob banners and have no icon ore versions number with .0

i have no idea what to do and need ideas please

I don’t recommend importing projects from other builders, there is a lot of difference.

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can anyone pls tell me what differences i can check
because it works great in the live test with the kodular app

Can you send me your .aia file?

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