Building a dating app. Is it possible?

Hello Kodular community!

I have a MVP for a niche dating app, somewhat similar to Tinder, and would like to ask the more knowledgeable if this would be possible and realistic to create it Kodular.

The features I am most interested in are:

  1. Log in via facebook/Instagram/google
  2. Import photos from instagram/facebook/users own phone
  3. Use geolocation to confirm someones location
  4. Uso geoloction to confirms someones distance from a specific, set location (this differs from the original tinder, because I don’t need the distance between 2 people, but the distance between a person and a set, static location)
  5. Allow the person to check-in at the given location at a set timeframe (using the person geolocation to confirm that the person is in fact in the given location)

I am very willing to take the steps to learn how to use Kodular, but I realize that there are a few no-code solutions around, and sometimes it is a little bit difficult to gauge the potential of each without spending a good amount of time learning about the platform. This is the reason I am asking before starting the project.

Thank you and I am sorry in case my post is inadequate in any way!

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What have you tried yet?

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I think he is just curious whether it is possible at this moment.

I believe it is possible as I am currently making a similar type of niche social app. In terms of the specific points you have mentioned I hope someone can corroborate further


I have tried a little bit using Bubble, which does seem capable of doing what I envision, but the transition for actual apps is lacking in that platform (they did create some workarounds, but I would prefer to learn an actual app no-code solution, if it was capable of doing what I want).

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