Business status system

Hello family, I need help. I would like to make this system where the business tells me the schedule of the week which will say when it will be open and when it closes. It is something similar to what Google has.

How can I do it on Kodular. I noticed that it uses the time system in 24h format

Use a Vertical Arrangement to Create Labels and Make Such a UI Like Google

U Have To Use Call System Time
U Can Use Various Extensions from Community or U Can Use any API and Call Time from Web

TimeTools : The Tools Only For Time (Extension)

After You Get time Set Condition

if sysTime_Hour - Last_Hour > 1 
    Then Set Closing_status = "Closes Soon"
Elseif SysTime > Cosing_Time and SysTime < Opening_Time 
        Then Set Closing_status = "Closed"
        Set Closing_status = "Open"

That’s It

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