Buttom menu does not show all icons subtitle at the same time

I created bottom menu with codular but i want to see all bottom menu icons and icon subtitles at the same time. My app does not show what i want. If i choose home icon just show home icon and subtitle other icons subtitle can not be shown. Please help me.

So that users can help you, post your relevant blocks and images of the problem.


here it is my project. When the open on mobile phone, not shown sub titles of bottom menu icons. Just if you select menu item you can see the subtitles of what you selected. But i want to see all of icons’ subtitles even dont you select.

menu.aia (8.9 KB)

Blocks And images.

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This occurs because you may be having more than 3 items(icons) in your bottom navigation. And it’s not an issue actually.
To avoid this you can design your own custom bottom navigation if you want

You may want to see this for example

And also :point_down:

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Hello Again,

all images like in below there is not displat subtitle text on the icon at the same time.

As assumed :point_up:, you have more than 3 items in your bottom navigation.
You can create custom bottom navigation as mentioned in my above reply.


i have already three more blocks for each one.It is not a solution for me sorry.

I am not talking about blocks.I am saying that, the icon names are not visible because you have more than 3 items in your bottom navigation.

Reduce them to 3 to see icon and their name(subtitles) at the same time or you may design custom bottom navigation if you wish

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ıf you have “aia” file could you please share with me ? because i dont really understand, i am new and i am trying to fix this issue for 3 days. :frowning:

I have already explained it here :point_down:
You can have a look and change it according to your needs

Thank you but it is not helpful for me because as i said before i did not really understand. No problem, thank you for your answer. It takes time… I watched more than 10 youtube vidoes… I hope i will find solution on my own…

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