Need help Regarding Bottom Navigation

hello everyone,
i was using bottom navigation i added 3 items in it and it looked perfect. like this a
but when i added 4 item in bottom navigation it looked awfull and disgusting. like this a

as you can see title of the items in first image is visible but in second image title is not visible and item size is also small. i want all the four item to look like first image. because all the apps in playstore have bottom navigation like this first image it looks good too. please help me to solve this.

Thats the normal behavior.
You cant do anything for now

so can you please tell me a way to create custom bottom navigation which looks like the first image

yes with your own layout you can make one but it will be hard to make one

I Don’t Know That this will work or not.

Just Try To Make The Names Of Your Bottom Nav. components shorter. Like My Wallet to wallet.

Plz also tell that in works or not.
I m waiting :wink:

no bro it doesn’t work.

After 3 items you will see only the selected Item with name.
As I said thats the normal behavior.
But we can add a option in next update for that


It will look like that after you add more than three items.
You can design your own bottom navigation with ’ Horizontal layout ’ and ’ Labels ’ using Font awesome icons.Just copy html code and paste into label text and enable clickable and html format in common properties.And use font typeface as font awesome.

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how to add more than 5 icons in bottom navigation as it only shows 5 icons and no more?

Make a custom one.

how … to show the label and the fontawesom icon at the same time in the same label?

Use buttons…

This is possible :point_down:

Designer properties of one label :point_down: Properties of all other labels are set in the same way, just with different font awesome icons and text

Also all these labels are in a Horizontal Arrangement whose background color is set to black and height is ‘8%’ while width is set to ‘Fill parent’


As per the Google’s material design guidelines, you should only have 5 tabs in the bottom navigation.
So, its better not to add more. :slight_smile:

Create Horizontal Arrangment at the bottom of your Page.
then add your components in it.
( though it will slow down your app a bit or may be crash on lite devices ).