Button alignment

how to make my button appear in the middle.
as shown below

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Drag it in the Arrangement and set the alignment to :point_down:


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how to get this arrangement

I mean you are using an arrangement or something…
Either delete it or move your button inside the arrangement…
Then go to properties and change both alignment to CENTER…

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You ma also want to set the width pf the horizontal alignment to fit parent.

I mean that suppose I have two elements/components viz Element1 and element2. I want to place element1 on left top corner with 20%width and element2 on right bottom corner with 10%width and that too in a same page

Is this is attainable?


You want to do something like this?:point_down:

Yes bro. You are very intelligent!
Can I connect you somewhere else.
I want to learn app development via kodular from basics to my level best.
Please sir!!


If you really want to learn app development via kodular then you have to try and do experiment by your self and I don’t think there is any other platform where you can learn it other then community itself!


Can we connect via messenger or else so that I can get better help.

instead of asking someone for help, if you try to do some experiment with the components then you will learn even better. i did that in the starting, if you still need basic concept then go to youtube and search for tutorials, there are many tutorials available for any app builder platform. and you can search for free opensource projects here in this community also.

if you want free project and resources then you can visit my channel and website -
YouTube & Tech CVR - Home

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Also search on YouTube and Google​:wink::wink:

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Thanks Man :slight_smile: More power to u!!

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I tried with vertical and horizontal arrangement, none has this option. which component have you been using?

Vertical & Horizontal both Arrangements has this option, you should check again.
(I dunno what would I do without it)

Another Way:
Set the given properties in your app and see the magic. :wink:

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thanks mate, it worked and solved one more problem too

Don’t forget to mark as a solution so that other user with same problem can fix it.

I already tried, it is not coming

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