Button and Image as Card View

My third simplest extension, button with image view, padding and inbuilt gradient background options.

I don’t know is it useful or not.

Try Awesome Button View! It fits perfectly in a View.

Support callback on Image or Button click.

Fast Image Loading. images is offline available after once loaded online

Event And Function Blocks To Create Buttons.

Download AIA: ButtonExtensions.aia (128.9 KB)

Download AIX: com.Sidcreative.ButtonCardView.aix (12.1 KB)

Download APK: ButtonExtensions.apk (5.3 MB)

How To Use

  • layout: Add any Horizontal or Vertical Arrangemnet.
  • titlelist: Add your Title List Text.
  • imagelist: Add URL images list.
  • backgroundhexcolorlist: Add two Hexa color in make a list block for gradient background, Add same colors for non gradient backgroung.
  • roundconner: add four integers numbers in make a list block. topleft, topright, bottomright, bottomleft.


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Amazing Aix

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@shanji76242143 nyc extension :slightly_smiling_face:.
You should add more blocks so we can set the properties after creating the buttons.
This extension can be improved. Try to add such block that don’t take list as a parameter because it is not much usable that user will create a lot of button in only one arrangement.

And you have missed the naming convention. Make sure to follow​:footprints:

I dont know why post withdrawn by author,