Button click Open Google drive

How can I do this in my app when the button is clicked then my pdf file is open in google drive

How to view a pdf document


You wrote in the linked article:

To open a pdf document from the Internet, I used a webviewer together with the Google Docs Viewer and the link to the pdf document.

And uses theese blocks:

But is there any way to open any pdf in google drive just cliking the link?

My app main screen is an html documents with 9 buttons (images) linked to diferent parts of my web. one of this buttons links straight to a pdf document.


i need to open that doc when i press the linked image


@sertelccoo thank you for finding my How to view a pdf document example…
and next time if you copy a screenshot from my site (or any other site) you might want to give attribution… i.e. mention the author and provide a link to the site you took the screenshot… this is how the internet works… thank you

btw. I already answered in your other thread


You are absolutly right. My apologies.

Should have linked it an give credits.

Like we say in spain, “hurries are not good advicers” (not sure if it has any sense in english, not my native languaje)

I want to take the chance to tanks to the comunity (and to you like one of it´s most active members) for all the suppot you give to all us newbie people.

Try this…

Online DocViewer | Alternative PdfViewer Online and more

you can use pdf viewer with google id link…