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I made an app using MIT APP Inventor but then I started to use Kodular. I imported my project and did some modifications. The problem is that, when I download the app apk and run it, all the buttons in the app become white, but I put them all Dark Gray and when I test the app they are all Dark Gray. It just happens with the downloaded app. Does someone know something about this issue?

Thank you!

Check button background colour on buttons properties.

Its all Dark Gray as I said. I made site all of tem were like that

Support us posting some stuffs to understand and / or recreate the problem.

The first one is the downloaded app. Also teh translation does not work on Screen 1 in the downloaded app, but it works just fine when I test it, that being the second pic

Have you changed the “Theme” property to anything other than “Default”?

Yes, I changed to Dark Theme, does that change the button colours to White?

Yes, if your buttons use the default background colour. You can try 1. setting the theme back to default 2. changing the colour of the buttons to something similar to the default, but not the same.

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It’s a bug @Vishwas, even if the button result shows the correct color the button does not change it.

P.S it’s default color that doesn’t work