Button for a deleting task

how do I create a button that deletes the tasks when I select the checkbos and press the delete button. If anyone can help, I appreciate it

Could you provide more info? What have you tried so far ? Tasks are in a list ?

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I’ve tried to implement it, but it doesn’t work, you may have to implement it along with the add button, but then I would use an if else in case he decides to exclude the button, it works, but how should I do this?I’m sending my aia along!!
todolist_1.aia (272.4 KB)

upon selecting the check box why do you want it add into tinyDB?

Also clear us, You want delete button in every task or one button to clear all the tasks or marked tasks?

Which button you want to delete the task ? First one or second one?

anyway, i have modified your aia… pls see to that ( added both logics. If you want that down button logic only then removed the disabled blocks from the blocks part, else you want button in every tasks then removed the else condition added in the when any button clicked event )

Test the attched aia (cleared Project colours)
todolist_NewDesign.aia (271.3 KB)

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